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Dirty Cash

Cash Blackwood, the brooding frontman of rock band Insurrection, is ready to relaunch his career and reclaim his rockstar throne. When Bella, an aspiring actress hungry for her big break, is cast in his music video, their undeniable chemistry sparks an unexpected opportunity. Cash’s team proposes a bold plan: Bella will pose as his mysterious girlfriend for six weeks to generate buzz.

For Bella, it's the role of a lifetime, but one that she's worried will derail her serious acting career if her identity ever comes out. With a rock-chick makeover and having signed a strict NDA, she steps into a world she knows nothing about—rock music, fame, and the chaos of Cash’s past. The money is irresistible, and Cash is even more so, but as they navigate the whirlwind of a staged romance, real emotions begin to blur the lines.

Bella's serious aspirations clash with Cash’s wild world, and their sizzling connection threatens to ignite into something neither of them expected. Can they maintain their professional facade, or will the shadows of Cash’s troubled history sabotage their chance at genuine love?

"Dirty Cash" is a steamy rockstar romance where the spotlight shines brightest on forbidden feelings. Dive into a story of passion, secrets, and the electrifying journey of two hearts struggling to stay professional in a world where everything is staged—except their attraction.

Amazon Customer

“This is exactly what I needed to escape the current troubles of the world. This would normally be the kind of spicy page turner that you’d pop in your holiday suitcase."

Amazon Customer

"I couldn’t put this down! Literally devoured it in one sitting. Well-paced plot, fascinating characters and plenty of twists and turns along the way kept me hooked. Highly recommended."

Amazon Customer

“The only thing to dislike about this book was it was over too quickly. A great page turner which will entertain you nicely for a few hours.”

COMING SOON: Dirty Harry

Sophie thought she had moved on from the nightmare of finding her fiancé cheating the night before their wedding. A year later, just as her heart is beginning to heal, her best friend's wedding threatens to reopen old wounds. The problem? Her ex will be there, and the last thing she wants is to face him alone.

Enter Harry, her best friend's infuriating older brother. Growing up, Harry's teasing drove Sophie mad, and their bickering was legendary. But when he offers to be her fake boyfriend for the wedding, Sophie reluctantly agrees. Pretending to be in love with Harry might save her from humiliation, but it also sets off sparks she never expected.

As the winter wedding trip in the beautiful Swiss alps unfolds, the lines between pretend and real begin to blur. Sophie finds herself drawn to the man she once thought she couldn't stand. Harry, with his mischievous grin and surprising tenderness, starts to reveal a side Sophie has never seen. With each stolen glance and accidental touch, their fake relationship teeters on the edge of something dangerously real.

"Dirty Harry" is a steamy romantic comedy filled with laughter, unexpected love, and the chaos that comes when two people discover that sometimes, pretending leads to the most genuine feelings of all. Join Sophie and Harry on a rollercoaster of emotions as they navigate their complicated past, a wedding full of surprises, a near disaster, and a chemistry that’s impossible to ignore. Will their fake romance survive the trip, or will it turn into a love they never saw coming?

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